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Our Projects
(museums, re-enactments, plays and musicals we have supported)

The Musical, “Pilots"

Roma Musical Theater in Warsaw

Complete uniforms sewn to measure with headwear and uniform accessories for: 

Polish pilots in September 1939, 

Polish pilots in the RAF, 

General Sikorski,

Aide de Camp to Gen. Sikorski,

King George VI - Air Marshal of the RAF,

Polish Police of the General Government,

RAF pilots,

Luftwaffe pilots,

German Military Police, and, 

WAAF personnel (Women’s Auxillary Air Force of the RAF).


The musical "Doctor Zhivago" 

Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic

Uniforms with hats and grooming for: 

Red Army soldiers,

White Army soldiers, 

Czarist Army officers,

Red Army officers, and, 

Circassian Cossacks.


The show "Conrad" 

S. Wyspianski Silesian Theater

British Merchant Marine Admirals’ and Captains’ uniforms from the late nineteenth century


The show "Terror" 

  S. Wyspiański  Silesian Theater.

 Bundeswehr Luftwaffe Officer and pilots uniforms


Pawiak Prison Museum 

Prison Guard Uniforms 

(First reconstruction in Poland of Polish prison guard uniforms.)


Museum of Polish Border Formations

Polish Border Guard uniform of 1919


The Museum of Land Forces in Bydgoszcz

Reproduction of the Polish Army Officer’s great coat of the Second Republic,  wz.36, 

Polish Army uniforms wz.36 for enlisted ranks, and German uniforms M36 for 

Historical Reconstruction Group in cooperation with the museum.


Museum of Coastal Defense in Swinoujscie - Fort Gerhard

Uniforms Of the Naval Coastal Defense Artillery:


Blucher Bunkers in Ustka 

Uniforms of Kriegsmarine Coastal Artillery for Officers, non-commissioned officers and enlisted personnel, including military hats, weapons and equipment.


Municipalities, counties, associations, and other group re-enactments.

Cavalry and infantry uniforms for enlisted and officer personnel.


We invite you to cooperate with us!

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